$PEPE Community Coin

No Whale can own > 0.5% supply.
Auto-farming: earn $XBN, $BNB, $BUSD, $BTC
Auto-staking: earn $PEPE with zero fee.
Fair launch. No Dev Fund.
Super safe: Liquidity is Burned.

Too good to be true?
$PEPE is a 1000x coin you don’t want to miss.
Slippage: 11-15% when buy or sell!
Launching time: 17th June at 15:00 UTC
CA: 0x0c1b3983D2a4Aa002666820DE5a0B43293291Ea6

Trade on Pancake Collect BNB & BTC

Doge? Safemoon? Shiba? $PEPE is better than all of that

No Whale

Have you been dumped by whale before? now with $PEPE,there is no whale, which means no dump on you.


Owning a coin have wait for its price increasing then sell to take profit? with Pepe, you just earn $BNB and $BTC weekly without having to sell your coins. Magically!

Auto Staking

When staking? just own $PEPE, then you automatically get more $PEPE without doing anything. Buy $PEPE, earn $BTC, automatically have more $PEPE, repeat!

Punish Sellers, Protect Holders

Holders who sold all $PEPE will not be able to earn $BNB and $BTC again


Community Driven

For the frogs, by the frogs. We do fair launch, announced 1 week before launching date so that everyone can join. No dev fund, devs participating with everyone else.

Automatic Liquidity Pool

Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity that goes into liquidity pools on PancakeSwap and other exchanges


Anti Big Dump

Transactions (sell/buy/transfer) that trade more than 0.05% of the total supply will be rejected.

The #MEME coin with Best Features

$PEPE inherits from best features from other memecoin and improves, make them even better


RFI Static Rewards

4% of every transaction is taken and re distributed to all $PEPE holders. The burn address is also a holder thus each transaction helps deflate the supply.


Liquidity Pool is Burned. Super safe, No rug.

Very secure. We have burned all the Liquidity Pool tokens (PEPE/BNB , PEPE/BUSD LP) to provide security for the whole community! The smart contract will be audited by TechRate & Certik


Transparency and Community-Driven

There is no pre-sale. 22 % of supply is burned at launch, 8% for Investor Protection Program. Dev added 70% of the token supply to LP on PancakeSwap at the Fair Launch.


Total supply: 1 Quadrillion $PEPE

  • - 70% for the fair launch. We add all of that to LP on Pancakeswap & burn right away!
  • - 22% for burn wallet from beginning
  • - 8% for investor insurance program and will be burned after 3 month


- How many BNB & BTC can I claim?

You can claim the amount of the BNB & BTC based on the ratio of $PEPE you hold/the total reward pool.
For example, you hold 1% of $PEPE, you can withdraw 1% of the reward pool.

- What is the auto-farming Rewards pool?

2.5% of every transaction is taken and re-distributed to all PEPE holders in $BNB & BTC. This pool is the auto farming pool.

- What if I don’t claim reward in my cycle?

If you don’t claim at your cycle and other holders claim, the reward pool will reduce.
So then the ratio of your $PEPE/reward pool reduces as well. That’s why you should claim as soon as your cycle is ready

- What do I need to do to passively earn BNB & BTC?

Simply holding $PEPE will earn you a share of the rewards pool, proportional to the amount of $PEPE you hold. You will also earn $PEPE passively too, which gets put straight in your wallet

- When can I claim my reward?

Every week. Read more at WhitePaper

- What time zone is the PEPE app on? (relating to reward claim timer)

It syncs to your device time so the answer is whatever time zone you are in.

- How can I claim my BNB?

Simply have your wallet connected through the PEPE Dapp on the website, click "Frogbank" button or you directly to this link. Please note that you must have BNB in your wallet that will be used to cover transfer fees.

- Does my rewards stack if I don't claim it?

No. This is because it's a set share of the pool of BNB & BTC. As people claim their BNB, the total pool will decrease, which in turn means the BNB value of your set share will decrease. In short, it is best to claim your BNB as soon as possible.

- Why is my collectible BNB & BTC less than yesterday?

Several factors impact BNB & BTC claim amount.
1. The amount of BNB in the pool is distributed based on percentage. The more BNB there, the more you get, however, it is ALWAYS based on percentage. The less there, the less you get. IT IS NOT CUMULATIVE
2. The more people claim, the less BNB will be available for everyone else
3. There is a cycle before you can collect BNB and the more transactions you make with this coin, the more the cycle changes. Be aware of that when you are thinking of selling high to buy low

- I need help, where to ask?

You go here: https://t.me/PEPEcommunity

How to buy?

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